Activate the mobile version of your blogspot blog

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Blogger has launched the possibility to activate a mobile version of your blogspot blog. This mobile version will show the blog title, blog's description and the summary of last posts published. 

If the web version of your blog shows pictures thumbnails with the summary of posts at home page, it will do the same in the mobile version. 

Posts pages only show blog title, blog description, post (with pictures if any) and comments in a friendly way.

To activate the mobile version of your blog, just go to your blogger dashboard, go to "Settings", then to "Email & Mobile" and clic "Yes, On mobile devices, show the mobile version of my template." 

Very simple ! 


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1 commentaire:

  1. This is good information.. great stuff here. thanks a lot for sharing these stuffs here and i will follow this blog.


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Activate the mobile version of your blogspot blog