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SpringLoaded by the449 is a 2 column green template that provides support for Widgets, Gravatars and other staff. It’s a simple yet effective design featuring rounded corners and interesting tabs for the post dates.

 1. How to install?

Extract Blogger Template - springloaded.zip
After login, goto Layout > Edit HTML > Browse > choose Blogger Template - springloaded-blogger-template.xml > Upload > Save Template

2. Date

After login, goto Layout > Page Elements > edit Blog Posts > change time format to long date (e.g Tuesday, May 12, 2009). Remember, change time format NOT date format.

3. Navigation

After login, goto Layout > Edit HTML > fin these codes

<ul id='navigation'>
    <li class='page_item '><a expr:href='data:blog.homepageUrl'>Home</a></li>

    <li class='page_item page-item-2'><a href=' ' title='About Springloaded'>About Springloaded</a></li>
<li class='page_item page-item-3'><a href='http://449.com' title='about 449'>About 449</a></li>

Change the text and links

To add link,  just put codes like these one above </ul>

<li class='page_item page-item-4'><a href='' title=''>Link text</a></li>
<li class='page_item page-item-5'><a href='' title=''>Link text</a></li>
<li class='page_item page-item-6'><a href='' title=''>Link text</a></li>


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14 commentaires:

  1. I like this template, except, is it possible to add to the bottom of each post a dark green, rounded corner bar, like the one at the top of each post which contains the rss feeds, home link and older and newer post link? Also, I would like to remove the search container at the top but keep the grass. Is this possible?

  2. @ Andrew and Aimée: I'm going to study the question and will respond you as soon as possible.

  3. Thank you! I really appreciate it. I'm anxious to finish our blog and get it online.

  4. Hi Rodney, Just wondering if you were able to study my questions above. We're really anxious to get our blog up and running but would like to have these little things ironed out first. One other thing I'd like to do is have the link "post a comment" on the bottom of each post and "# comments" link at the top of each post. For some reason there are posts missing one or the other. Our blog is andrewandaimeejoy.blogspot.com

  5. Actually, if I could just figure out how to put a text and a link where "search this blog" is, I would be happy to keep the container with the grass.

  6. I've searched and searched for answers to these questions but just can't seem to get anywhere. I would really appreciate your input if you have the time. Thanks!

  7. @ Andrew and Aimée : To delete "search this blog" and put a text and a link in the area, just Layout > Edit HTML > and find this code :

    <div class='search-bar'>
    <form action='http://spring-loaded-blogger-template.blogspot.com/search' id='search' method='get'>
    <p><input id='s' name='q' onfocus='this.value=' type='text' value='Search this blog...'/>
    <button id='top-search-submit' type='submit'><img alt='Search' src='http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_hrhg1n2KA3Y/S0sQQWGbOdI/AAAAAAAACmA/Tw3tq5XYXbQ/s1600/search-btn.gif'/></button></p>

    delete all the form between <div class='search-bar'> and </div>, replace it by this code <a href="your link here"> Your Text here</a>

  8. @ Andrew and Aimée : Really happy that it help. Peace in Christ !

  9. Hi Rodney! I'm back with a couple more questions. If you have time, I would really appreciate your help with these. I set up a test blog at www.aimeestestblog.blogspot.com and if you go there you will notice that I have a twitter gadget on the side. I would rather not use titles on the sidebar gadgets but when I don't the greenish border at the top is missing. Is there any way I can get the border all the way around even without the title?

    Also, is there a way to change the text size for the sidebar gadget titles?


  10. I also like your recent posts, recent comments sidebar widget. Where can I find one like that? It certainly saves space.

  11. thanks for sharing Rodney! now i can use the new design templates to my account. See my custom essay for sharing i hope u like it...

  12. i thank you for creating this wonderful theme. i have made some changes theme. I was trying to make this as 3 column theme. I want to add left column to this theme. can u help me in doing this? my web id: http://www.evignan4u.com/
    Thanks in advance


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