Free method for offering an e-book to download after e-mail subscription

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I have realize that it’s very difficult to find a free method to offer an e-book to download after email subscription, so, I’ve come with this one where you only need to use Feedburner, Gmail and a place to host your e-book. 

1. Host the e-book somewhere and copy the link location
2. Create a new Gmail account for the e-book (like: and activate the automatic response. (See “Settings”, at top right).

In the automatic message, write a simple text where you give the link for downloading the e-book.

For example:

Thank you for registering

Like promise, here is the link to download my eBook:

See you next on my blog.

3. In the Feed burner account of your blog, change the confirmation message and give to conditions for completing e-mail subscription, like this:

A. Click the link below to confirm your subscription
B.  Send an email to with the title “E-book” and you will receive the e-book in the following minute.

The problem here is that the reader can avoid the first step and just complete the second. But, if the aim is to have a large email list, it’s not really a problem because you’ll have the e-mails of all the e-book downloaders in your Gmail account and can use them to send newsletter with Google friends connect (free) or another service.

4. Just bellow or after the e-mail subscription form of your blog, inform readers that they will receive an e-book after email subscription.

There are many advantages with this method: You don’t have to pay to accomplish it and you have no limitation of number of subscribers who will receive the e-book.

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Free method for offering an e-book to download after e-mail subscription